Just words

small thoughts about the big Ocean


Never Be Busy

the body is meant to move
make it move

bend your bones
and twirl your mind between
your fingers
like a pencil on fire

love hard
forget hard
but remember even harder

these things happen
for good reason
that reason is you

work hard
but not too hard
never brag about
being “busy”
that’s stupid
busy people are missing the point
dont be stupid

be messy
but clean the mess up later
you can be autumn and spring
dead and reborn
you can be a little bit of everything

Tom Time

When the time comes
you wonder why he didn’t come sooner

but you realize
time waits for no man

except for Tom Waits
Tom will always wait

so the waves
bash the beach

and pound the pebbles
into sand

it isn’t hard to understand
time waits for no man

Tom waits on the sand
with pebbles in his hand

wondering what time it is
but he doesn’t hesitate

he just waits
because he is Tom

and time waits for no man
not even Tom


When Wine
Comes down the stairs
Everyone goes from
Roaring to whisper
The liquid authority roars
Through the room
In red white waves

The wives realize their
Blushed plaid faces
So they remark
On their reaction to alcohol
But their company doesn’t
Seem to care
Because they know
That their wine face
Is mutual

So the crowd’s calm remains
And grows gradually
Back to a slow hum
And then
A clatter and before
You know it
The party is roaring

But Wine is there.
Always He will walk
Up and down
the stairs,
without fail,
Pounding on the shoulders
Of those who refuse
To endorse
His crude etiquette

Cooking Rice

Its not enough to be alive
You must disappoint yourself
a few times so
you can feel what thats like
And do other things
to your psyche
to feel those different feels

So then you grow
like a weed through winds
and rocks and those
hot Toronto summers
where the air
gets so steamy
you could cook rice
in your palm
but when you try
The sky bursts open
In dramatic purple
And god pisses very hard on
your evening.

The cool 7pm air
Is refreshing as it
tries to dry
the streets but before it can
the lights come on and
Summer is perfect like wine

Throwing Chairs in the Garbage

Dear god
That vibrates
Through every
Coffee table
Your heart is my heart
Your beautiful mechanics
Are felt
Through my fingers
I feel you there
In my skin
As I toss you into the garbage

Your intense barrage
Permeates my daily routine
You are
A dexterity poutine
That I devour with
Intense fervor

Dear all encompassing power
You make me real

My relationship
With ordinary sculptures
Is accentuated
And enhanced
As I graduate your form
to trash

Volcano Brain

This is my freshest piece of bread.

To Smile in the lowest Places

Somewhere between extremism
And monotony
There is a glass of wine
Full of epiphanies
It is your duty to find the
Glass of truth, the goblet
Of illumination

It is your mission here in this experience
To seek a conduit for novelty
The universe rewards risk
And calculated craziness

Where the plan has gaps and voids
You will become paranoid
And god bless this moment
This is what you have been
Waiting for

A chance for growth
an opportunity
To dance with
Rapturous freedom

To sweat sweet visceral
Beads of joyous
To smile in the lowest places
And laugh at full

To feel your soul explode
With happiness
To be hung-over
And see the seas wind
Blow into a girls dress
And watch that fabric dance
Just watch that fabric dance

Junk Removal pt2

You die and you’re gone
But the junk
You collected is
Left behind

So I come and take it
For a fee
Then it goes to the dump
To rot like you

So don’t bother
Buying a fancy picture frame
Or a souvenir
to remember
That time you went to Florida


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