Just words




In this home movie we continue our journey across Canada and try to stay sane while crossing the prairies. Hope you enjoy xox

Bonjour. Our travels continue through this beautiful nation. We find ourselves slowly making our way through Quebec and Ontario. If you are interested in following our travels we highly suggest subscribing on youtube and checking out our instagram – @jordankelloway

The end of the road at the end of the world!

Another video. This one is a collection of clips over the last two days. Plus Strawberry picking!


long time no post on here. I figured I should get back on the horse. This is less spoken word and more home movie. My partner and I bought a camper van and we recorded one of our adventures. Have a watch and let me know what you think. Cheers world xo

Like a Strand of Hair

I’m remembering when you came up the stairs with a tiny porcelain pot and in it was our first house plant. . It died a week later. That house was so awkward, the cupboard doors wouldn’t stay shut and the leaky roof was a constant reminder that we were just a couple sheets of drywall away from nature. But we had a few laughs and got drunk from time to time and like all good houses we felt at home. We whispered at night to appease the ghosts. We whispered at night because it was cute. We whispered at night. There was that one time when I was taking down the Christmas lights and fell off the ladder, I thought had broken my back lol. You called me a pussy and told me to get up while passing me a glass of rum and a cigarette. It turned I was fine and the rum was nice and I never did finish taking down the lights, so they just hung there all year like a long strand of hair touching the tip of the tallest blades of grass

Noticing Practice