Just words

Your Silent

The sorrow of each man is drenched with introspection
subjectiveness is the quality of pain
which we can never see
and to each individual
the avalanche is real
even if it looks like a snowflake
in the monotony
we are crushed and
brought back to life
by the best thoughts we can conjure
if we are lucky
the mind contorts
trying to rescue itself
from a private execution
the brain twisting its spine
trying adamantly
to squirm out of its situation
fighting against its
biggest opponent
sometimes succeeding
and then we grow stronger for having done so
god bless those who have done so
but often
the plate breaks
ceramic on stone
stranded and alone
so the individual must sweep
up the pieces
and form a new vase
one for holding expired flowers
but flowers none the less



In this weeks episode of the podcast I sit down with Artist – Richard Tetrault. Richard is a painter, muralist and print maker. He is also and awesome dude and conversationalist. I am getting a lot of positive feedback on this one. I hope you enjoy as well!


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The Heat

Language such a crude tool
for describing the body's 
bent song
Where does the heat in my
heart originate
Where does the firewood come 
from and who is chopping it
My lungs
two caverns that
I insist on choking with
smoke and smoke and smoke
All of the worlds noise
bouncing off my pupils
unrelenting and I let a lot of 
it in All these thoughts laid
out like a map written in some
alien script And as I
go along some words are
revealed to me
the glass on the compass becomes
less foggy Torn between two
one production
the other 
a sorry but glorious destruction
but I know neither is right and 
like a retired magician
my tricks are becoming harder
to fake
so I go on
shoes velcroed tight
and my perception of time
constantly swinging from vine
to vine
where does the heat come from?
The thought of having a 
soul is comforting
but comfort doesn't make 
for an interesting life.

Curious Jord Podcast

Hello Lovely people,

I have started a podcast and its called Curious Jord. You can download it wherever you download your podcasts. You can also listen to it on my website!

Click this link for episode 1 – Funeral Home

I have published 4 episodes so far. The above link is for the first episode where I talked to an apprentice funeral director. It was a really great conversation and I hope you enjoy!



In this home movie we continue our journey across Canada and try to stay sane while crossing the prairies. Hope you enjoy xox

Bonjour. Our travels continue through this beautiful nation. We find ourselves slowly making our way through Quebec and Ontario. If you are interested in following our travels we highly suggest subscribing on youtube and checking out our instagram – @jordankelloway

The end of the road at the end of the world!

Another video. This one is a collection of clips over the last two days. Plus Strawberry picking!


long time no post on here. I figured I should get back on the horse. This is less spoken word and more home movie. My partner and I bought a camper van and we recorded one of our adventures. Have a watch and let me know what you think. Cheers world xo