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Month: February, 2014

Big News

Hello sweet lovelies,

I am announcing with great excitement that 3 of my poems will be published in an upcoming anthology called “Poems from Conflicted Hearts”. The e-book version comes out March 1st with soft and hardcover copies to follow given a demand. My birthday was yesterday and this is a welcomed gift 🙂


The Night Before Garbage Day

take out the full bag
and put in an empty.
walk to the curb
looking down the street.
empty intersection..
the other way
a drunk stumbles
alone arguing with his regrets
his gait suggests strong feelings of

time for bed.
sex with myself
finish then
twist and
turn in my sheets
listen to music
fall asleep
and finally retreat
to a limitless
world where
I do not feel
so confused
and the garbage
can never fills up

My Conversation Posture

I can barely concentrate on
what some people are saying.

I look at their eyes and think,
I have been looking at their eyes too long.

I cross and uncross my arms
lean against walls with
fist to hip
nodding with
what seems
according to
casual conversation

I’m an ape trapped in
his own observation.
a monkey staring in
the mirror
too aware of his own
fallible nature

the ugliness in you
is the ugliness in me
do they notice how I’m standing?

fist to hip

Yellow Lines

I sit in my car
with coffee.
parking lot woes.
watching the garbage
and plastic bags
blow past
the light poles

The seagulls keep me company.
I feel a space
between my life
and fulfillment

I am aware of all the gaps
between my yellow lines/
empty parking spaces
in my mind

Spiders Come Here to Die

there is a spider
in the centre of my room
hanging from
the thread
his own inspiration

he is dead

I find it strange
that his demise
took place under
that incandescent sphere
2000 and 14

I find it strange
for a spider to die
in my room
which is lush
with crumbs and
a nice window

but he is dead now.
hanging as a decoration.
dangling above my dreaming body in the night.
a symbol of death.
do insects commit suicide?

Find a Way Around the Autonomy

the gods have no interest in the humans
they have moved on to more fulfilling projects
they have taken their interest
to more entertaining places
the four limbed mammalian creations have lost their novelty
they have become much too routine and boring
for the gods to keep paying attention
so the button has been pressed
and we are now gliding on auto pilot.
it is our duty to un-press the button
to find a way around the autonomy
to alter the awareness of this uninteresting species
to carve a new groove for the future
it is our time to escape fate and alter the consciousness
to wake up from the monotony and
grasp what has gone unnoticed
that sitting in front of us
a life worth claiming
a life worth living

I was Leaving in the Freezing

you drove me
through snow
to the airport shuttle.
thereby popping your
Pontiac sunfire cherry
right there in February.
i was leaving in the freezing
and you kissed me
for real.

the nostalgia is written in
permanent marker
in the year book
of our lives.
i do not regret
a moment
and I still think about
what it would be like to
re-have your cheek in my hand

but I know now
how strange
and foreign
that would feel.
i don’t even bother
to ask the ghost of you
in my memories
to recreate such a scene

How To: Life (audio)

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