Just words

Month: January, 2016

My Body Goes Through The Laundry


st-remy my baby
a product of france
you make my words stink,
a brandy of understanding
ive never seen your colour
i always drink you from the bottle
your heart is little
i try to make up for it
by listening to crystal castles

you are worth the hassle
so in the morning
i drink coconut water
and reminesce about arizona
while eating junior mcChickens
this does not right the wrongs
but the wrongs never
quite get it right
so i go to the church
of father john misty
and i find meaning
in his preachings
by this time
its appropriate
to have a cat nap

and in the fury of
the before supper sun
i feel the strength of
my body as it proposes
its thesis
‘lets do another one’