Just words

Month: March, 2013

Spring Whirs


The engine whirred to life. I drove to get a coffee so that I could whir to life. Then I walked to eagle ridge and looked at the frozen river and wondered if I could ever be that cold. Went and thought about the water rushing by under the ice and how that might sound. Looked up and some ravens playing around. They look beautiful. The forest has a green beard covered in snow. The snow is wet. It is spring and the forest whirs to life.


Raven Buffet

I looked out my car window
at the
crows eating bagels
they weren’t crows
they were ravens
big muscular birds
built for
hard winters in the north
carrying out
garbage bag inquiries
they were all just hanging around
a green dumpster
beside some
dirty spring snow

Sin Crude (Spoken Word)

What She Says

I’m a dead spider
still clinging
last years web
all of
my limbs rumbling
in the wind
caught between
the window pane
the widow pain
you can see
every bit of me

Moon Tan (Spoken Word)