Just words

Month: November, 2013

Autonomous Vigor

This is my latest Spoken Word piece. It is about being alive and feeling the wind and the water.

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The Mind War

There is a war going on between who I am, who I know I am and who I know I should be.

IIII will sit in my room, this is where I am holy, this is where the universe is a hammock and when I lay in it, every fiber vibrates truth into my back and the reverberation passes through my organs and I can feel the pleasure of honesty, this is my attempt at tapping into the cosmic giggle, thanks for that one Terrence. You know a net is just a bunch of holes held together with rope

I will sit in my room, with my gut full of solid white dough, terrified of going outside and seeing the other people, not afraid just nervous, just wooden skewers through my made up outcomes, splinters in my blood

iiii will sit in my room reading the list of expectations the people in my life have for me but I will yawn and my eyes will start to water, this always happens when I read boring material.