Just words

Month: September, 2013

Globes of Health

short arms
short attention
no dedication
fake aspiration
desperate substitutions
personal prostitution of the brain
cheap rent my guts out
to brandy and vodka, you filthy foreign whores.
horrible stories in places I can’t afford
unless I’m somewhere
on the edges
of the poor side of Chinatown.
I am cast away
to try and figure out what it all means
Arturo, you are with me
I think about you every time
I eat oranges
I imagine you surviving
on these globes of health
and your naivety makes me feel safe
in my own naivety.



Hey there, a while back a musician on soundcloud contacted me about a possible collaboration on a track from his upcoming album. I was thrilled at the prospect and set to work on some poetry for the project. That album has finally come out. The theme is about leaving childhood behind. You can listen to the full album by using the link above.

My poem is on the final track called “Credits”. I hope you enjoy.



I feel comfortable
when she looks at me.
I can loiter in her presence

and there is no indication
I should leave
I want to stay
keep feeling
comfortable in her eyes
I want to stay
and keep her smiling.
Its hard to explain
she feels.. like home
Its.. easy to breathe

these things can be so corny

No Doubt

We must exercise the heart, no doubt,
for the love of life

We must exercise the heart.

There will be times when
we are empty, no doubt

But this is also an exercise.
precise moments like these
collect as residue and stick
to the ribs

we must accumulate this residue
for the love of life

no love, no residue, no doubt

or Not Calm

just today
just focus on today
have a clear experience
because its ok
everything is beautiful
everything is beautiful
garbage pile
abandoned homes for miles
barking dogs
and baby carriages
carry and inhale
the moment
everything is beautiful
concrete this
and porcelain cats
old people
and plastic bags
just focus on today
rain day fog day
dog day
be calm or not calm
everything is beautiful