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Month: January, 2014

How To: Life

Put your body in beautiful places so that your senses can absorb a sufficient amount of novelty. This is the goal. This is the meaning of life – to embrace and make the most out of your body because it is the only thing you truly own. Feed yourself delicious foods or don’t but either way notice what you are feeling, notice how you are breathing and the air and space you occupy. Notice the details of life. Notice the details, spectacular. Look at the leaves on a tree and see the green palette of veins spreading down, out and over its flat dimension. See the details in the needles of a dying pine tree, gone from green to rusty in a matter of months, an atomic blink in a cosmic perspective.

I Want to Float

I do not
want to be a real person
I want to float
drunk on drugs
like coffee
sugar and rum.
I would fly around
the city
the country
I would take pictures
with my ghost camera
and develop every single frame.
I want to float
and fly fast
up and down
and over the telephone polls
that stitch this country together.
I want to float
with certainty and
know my purpose
I want to travel with
the wind
in random gusts of certainty

Private Parts

a couple
mountains ago
when I claimed you
as my own
we both felt
at home
in the stupidity of love.

we had
each other
by the genitals.

Scent Triggered Memory

So today
I was looking through
the closet.
and I found some
old clothes
you chose
to leave behind

I took a deep
breath obviously.
you were
still in those fibres

The scent made me shiver

I put you
in a plastic bag
and dropped you
off at the thrift store.

not garbage
just used
still good enough
for someone else

A Sophisticated Poem

is a sweater
that comes
with security
down over
my love handles

sitting with confidence
on a bar stool

I do not worry
about the presence
my ass crack

Sweaty Day Drunk

tapped out
and tired.
we were
in Madrid.

me and Tyler
that our cheeks
the second wind
so we went to find
cheap smokes.
and we did
at the top of a
fancy orange juice hotel.
so I got my smokes
we got
some screw drivers
and white russians

dairy and citrus
do not mingle
but we managed
to find our mangled
way to ground level.

Just Stop Thinking about it

dangerous gods we are
sitting atop
anxious mountains
with scorn filled hearts
and fire
in our hair.
our eyes glazed
over by
the hatred
non existent
fake confrontations
masked perceptions
about time
that hasn’t happened.
Why does
the future
come to me
in a torn
garbage bag?

My Feet are of Poor Design

I Know What Comes Next

I would like some advice

Hello friends,

My interest in the last year or so has really been geared towards recording my writing in the form of spoken word or slam poetry as some call it. I really enjoy the medium and how ideas and poetry can be delivered through it.

I am always trying to deliver my best speech performance with each piece but it is hard to tell if they are getting better, worse or staying the same. Can any of my regular listeners provide some criticism regarding my tone, cadence, rhythm, volume etc? I would appreciate that.

Thanks for listening/reading/ watching all of my posts.

All the best,