Just words

Month: November, 2012

Lease Expires

You better make love to me now because my lease expires soon and I will move away and our relationship will not be the same. We will fuck other people, and not tell each other about it and we will fade. We will phase each other out. As much as we love each other and want to have that romantic life together, that’s not how it works. We will move on and we will have relationships with other people and develop a strange bond that we can’t even fucking relate to… but that’s how things go. We do what we do. Then we move on because there is no motion but the forward one.


freckles sitting
under her
almond eyes
dangle their
feet over the
rest of her

with the
of their shoes
pointing towards
the triangles of her

Getting Tight

trying to find out
where my soul
hides the gold
how it manages
to keep its death hold
all that eludes me

all that pulls me
my hidden passion

the velvet blindfold
falling down
over my nose
allows me to
catch a glimpse
of my
eternal significance

there it sits
and hardly innocent

Fern Babies

Organic lands on the other side are foreign and thorn covered but I don’t know it yet. Purple vines creep across hippy ideals towards a thousand glass blowing galleries. Bowen Island snores in a puddle. Fern babies drive micro vans through destroyed seaside property caught somewhere between 1960 and David Suzuki. The tugboat highway delivers dead pulp giants to secret incarnation stations tucked behind sucker punch vistas who appear to blush green when the right amount of cloud is applied. Dazed communes that have yet to get it right shovel stink for a living. Their herbal enthusiasm is very persuasive but not convincing

Sunshine Coast

Purple vines creep across
hippy ideals
thousand glass blowing galleries

Fern babies drive
micro vans through
destroyed seaWEED
somewhere between
1960 and
David Suzuki

Black Gown

you are only
as good as
the diamonds
that survive
my stomach acid

in a wet tight
gown you are
displaying the woman
I have not known

going on show
for a purposeless
but now I know

why you wore black
we were attending
our own funeral
in the dawn of
a new year
the beginning
of our fall

Gone Forgotten

I am starting a religion based around drunken trance
It is what it is

It’s your grandmother dancing on a coffee table at 2 in the day
It’s the dinosaurs you wished would never decay
It’s the great beyond that can’t pretend to be alive

Far away from here are the stirrings of something sacred
yet to be blessed with the notice of more than one person
Far away from here is you ten years ago wandering around in a dream
Gone forgotten
lost in the space wave of time and dreams and everything else
that is prone to being forgotten

I don’t get to know trees because they last forever
And I’m only here for now, their rings are an insult to me and all that is instant. I can’t keep up with something that has been happening for forever.


My dreams are
working against me
dredging up dead bodies

here is another
swing in the
dark century
I was apart of
last night

last night
in my
life diving

I will
just be
over here
catching ghosts
in my fishnet

Old Skin Remembering New Skin

washing my clothes
in the bathtub
and hanging
them on my
to dry

I tend to
enjoy these
economic potholes

they are what
I hope to remember
I look back
towards my youth

when I was silly
my elbow skin
Still elastic

Looking Out At All Of This

Sometimes I get so confused and sort of amazed and
I feel detached from my physical body. I feel the life that is my consciousness sitting in this fleshy vehicle. I think about my eyes and how I am just looking out at all of this. Moving my arms and legs, walking, talking, breathing, eating. I feel strange that I am in such a physical place. I wonder about why I am doing the things I am doing, I wonder why I am doing anything. I have a hard time accepting this whole concept of being a living thing. What are places like when I am not there? Where do I go when I am dreaming? Why is déjà vu something I can experience? I mean, I wasn’t here for a long time but then some time around 4 or 5 I started to accumulate memories and that was the starting point. And for a while you are on a sort of childish autopilot, an unaware living state. But then one day you think, “What does this all mean?” and that is when you start living or drinking.

Good God!

Good god!
how many
still early
still night
morning cigarettes
have I

Motivated by
the idea
of having a
life changing conversation
with my
future wife

Backwards to
the street
my heels dangling
over spit
flowing gutters
the traffic light
turns green