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Month: March, 2014


Hello there,

I have unfortunate news. I will make this short because I am not looking for sympathy, I just want to justify my lack of posts recently. I was traveling the American southwest and one day when I was in San Francisco my friends rental car was broken into and all of my stuff was with us because we were changing hostels that day. ALL of my stuff was stolen from the car which included my computer which included my writing, thus my lack of posting new things. I am writing new stuff and will continue to update this blog, I am just a little scattered at the moment while I get this next part of my life underway.

All the best,



Fresh and Free

A little bit drunk
And strolling
Through downtown
Is all I want to be
With a cigarette
And fresh haircut
Thinking about love
And having sex in the Grand Canyon
That red sand backdrop
The Melinnia all piled up

Hands in pockets
Look at the faces
With the bodies
Heading towards

I never want a something
Especially something
That requires my attendance

!Ebook for Sale!

Three of my poems have been published in a poetry anthology called “Poems from Conflicted Hearts” If you are interested in purchasing it, you can find it on Amazon and itunes. If you do not have an e-reader (like myself) fret not! When you purchase, the ebook it can be viewed on Amazon’s cloud reader or you can download kindle for Mac or PC.

All The Best


Horseshoe Bend

no god was ever
so communicative
as the rocks beneath
my fingertips

the voice of awe
speaks to me
in loud ocean tongues
and red rock outcrops

times image and perspective
is present in deserts,
waves, cliffs and peaks

no words or pictures
are needed. true
being plays out in
silence with nature

horseshoe bend