Just words

Month: September, 2014

Old You Know Who

I burnt my hands
on her
searing hips
My grip was tight
during the ride
And now
I feel the sting

Her love
was a boomerang
I could not reciprocate
She was a
tornado passing through
so true and
But now
a few years later
I struggle
remember her

House Ship

The floor began to rumble
It was around 830
I heard people upstairs
Cranks and shouting demands
It all sounded quite routine
The house began to lift
Some dirt was shaken
And displaced, i could
Sweep this up later
The whole house was out of
The foundation now and
We were well above
The neighborhood. My room did
Not have windows but
I suspected we were somewhere
Above Toronto now, in our suspicious rocket house
I heard thrusters powering up
Hmmm ssss
Sonic boom. The house blasted
Into space , a perfect launch

I sat back in my chair
With wine and music
Another successful day misunderstanding
My place in the world
And now outer space

The Burning Wings

Yes disagree with angels
Set their wings
on fire
Watch the carbon
return back to the sky
The gods look down
at my protest and
nod with approval
Systems must be
Questions must be
asked so they can
be destroyed

So the ashes from
the burning wings
floated up and
disappeared back
into the sky
and the angels
had no choice
but to learn
how to walk