Just words

Month: October, 2014

To Smile in the lowest Places

Somewhere between extremism
And monotony
There is a glass of wine
Full of epiphanies
It is your duty to find the
Glass of truth, the goblet
Of illumination

It is your mission here in this experience
To seek a conduit for novelty
The universe rewards risk
And calculated craziness

Where the plan has gaps and voids
You will become paranoid
And god bless this moment
This is what you have been
Waiting for

A chance for growth
an opportunity
To dance with
Rapturous freedom

To sweat sweet visceral
Beads of joyous
To smile in the lowest places
And laugh at full

To feel your soul explode
With happiness
To be hung-over
And see the seas wind
Blow into a girls dress
And watch that fabric dance
Just watch that fabric dance

Junk Removal pt2

You die and you’re gone
But the junk
You collected is
Left behind

So I come and take it
For a fee
Then it goes to the dump
To rot like you

So don’t bother
Buying a fancy picture frame
Or a souvenir
to remember
That time you went to Florida

North Beach Hotel

We barely talked
and it was obvious
at the time
But it was alright
We looked at
each other
with merlot pupils

We were connected only
by the air between us
in the places we visited

It is easy to mistake
Cosmic attraction
with similar

Early Summer

Kensington Market is
Heating up
The crowds are out
And some unshaven armpits
Glide by on a long board
Im having a smoke
And the humidity is telling
Me to quit
My lungs will serves as
An archive of my poor choices
The mortician will slice me open
To observe my rings
There will be no moisture
In there
When the scalpel hits
The tissue my organs
Will crack open dusty
Like the sidewalls of a tire
That has seen
Too much action
So mortician, discard me in
Some field and set
Me on fire so i may
Join the humidity and
Be inhaled into
The lungs
Of some other
Smoking fool