Just words

Month: August, 2014

Just For A Second

A deep confident chuckle comes over me
And For a second i see everything

I see all of my insecurities wash away
And for a second i am with the stars
Galactic and enduring

So i have a smoke
To appreciate the cool july
Breeze through the nightime trees

The leaves flicker on and off
A perfect binary example
Of lifes black and white tendencies

So i watch the organic green switches
Flicker and smile

The wind giggles and so do i
all of this silliness
summarized in a few stupid words

Junk Removal

Its bewildering to drink
A dead woman’s Disaronno
A sip was gone from the bottle
She didn’t like it
And neither do i
But i’m about to finish
What she started

Half deep
The liquids disappearing
Just like a dead woman’s body
From her apartment
A part of me feels invested
I’m drinking the last liquids
She ever purchased

Here at the end of a strangers
Life i feel deeply affected
I am not unlike her
One day i will be
The dead stranger
In a random apartment