Just words

Month: July, 2014

So Warm

When i needed someone
she was there

Red and loud and in my bed

She had hair on fire
She had white skin

And a Victorian body
Like some soft lady
From an ancient
oil Painting
red wine on canvas

She laid there for me
Real beauty
A painting already painted

She was
Milk through my fingers,
butter on a hot pan
sun through the window
warm water on my wrist

A white glove
That fit so well


Mighty Timber

my splinter
looks infectious
dark and purple, the colours
they mingle
so pretty
on my finger
my knuckles
a tiny disaster
on my
a wooden
but without consent
get out little lover
leave my skin
you are the same
as me
pointy and intrusive
but now you
must go
back to the
flow to be reborn
as a mighty timber
in some great forest
eons from
this place