Just words

Month: February, 2013

Kerosene Dream (Spoken Word)

Some Songs

you just stepped
the distortion pedal
of an
emotional kaleidoscope memory
I had not yet let go of

This song
reminds me of the end
of fall
when wearing a sweater
just isn’t enough

leaves scuffle
over the path in the park
as we walk
arm in arm
back to the car


the pain surfaces
as code
for you to decipher
I plow through
my mental sewer

I have never
seen sludge
any truer
than the plaque clouds
that make up
my thoughts of you
drowning in our
historical black out
movie trailer

Delta Wave Dinosaurs (Spoken Word)

Happy Anniversary!

What does your face look like now? Are there any new lines or dots? It has been about a year since our boat hit the rocks and we stopped our high talks about what it means to be alive, die and whatever happens after that. It’s been about a year since my immune system untangled itself from yours and started breathing unfamiliar air. Are we celebrating this anniversary, the death of our relationship? It’s been about a year since our bodies were near but in my mind unfortunately, you are still there. Please leave me like I left you.

In The Flowers

I would get off work in the morning because I was doing midnights. I could feel the pink humidity of the morning that would continue through the rest of that August day. Listening to Animal Collective, the car let me glide her up and down the country rolls. Green fields would receive my smile, the farmers daughter would set up her vegetable stand. I was about to go home to where it was cool and I would get high and go to bed. Almost everything was perfect. The missing link was the absent miss that should have been there curled up in a fluffy white duvet. Brandishing a sleepy content smile she would have walked me into a dream.

UpTown Cafe

on the bus
going to work
6 years
post our beginning
a waft of your perfume
clouds past my nose
I remember
our 7$ latte lunches

you were expensive
from the start
the memory is priceless

sitting in this
silver tube to monotony
reminded of the way
you used to be
when we were young
not sure how to
love each other

500 seconds

It takes 8 minutes and 20 seconds for the light from the sun to reach earth so if you are ever on your lunch break in the middle of the day, quietly enjoy the leftovers of your supper from the evening before and the sky abruptly falls dark, you should be aware that the previous 500 seconds up until then, you were enjoying perhaps the final remnants of yesterday. Look down at your second hand meal and quietly contemplate the totality of your existence up until this savory perhaps salty, maybe even sweet point in your life because every second henceforth will be soaked in the final marinade of your human awareness.