Just words

Like a Strand of Hair

I’m remembering when you came up the stairs with a tiny porcelain pot and in it was our first house plant. . It died a week later. That house was so awkward, the cupboard doors wouldn’t stay shut and the leaky roof was a constant reminder that we were just a couple sheets of drywall away from nature. But we had a few laughs and got drunk from time to time and like all good houses we felt at home. We whispered at night to appease the ghosts. We whispered at night because it was cute. We whispered at night. There was that one time when I was taking down the Christmas lights and fell off the ladder, I thought had broken my back lol. You called me a pussy and told me to get up while passing me a glass of rum and a cigarette. It turned I was fine and the rum was nice and I never did finish taking down the lights, so they just hung there all year like a long strand of hair touching the tip of the tallest blades of grass


Noticing Practice

My Body Goes Through The Laundry


st-remy my baby
a product of france
you make my words stink,
a brandy of understanding
ive never seen your colour
i always drink you from the bottle
your heart is little
i try to make up for it
by listening to crystal castles

you are worth the hassle
so in the morning
i drink coconut water
and reminesce about arizona
while eating junior mcChickens
this does not right the wrongs
but the wrongs never
quite get it right
so i go to the church
of father john misty
and i find meaning
in his preachings
by this time
its appropriate
to have a cat nap

and in the fury of
the before supper sun
i feel the strength of
my body as it proposes
its thesis
‘lets do another one’

Upper Canada Mall

Watching people
Watch people
iPads and coffee cups
And break ups
Nicotine tear drops
The both of us
Just sucking our lives away
Pipe dreams
On the mind
Fantasy in our voices
The both of us
Just chipping at the block
Sculpting the future

small thoughts about the big Ocean


Never Be Busy

the body is meant to move
make it move

bend your bones
and twirl your mind between
your fingers
like a pencil on fire

love hard
forget hard
but remember even harder

these things happen
for good reason
that reason is you

work hard
but not too hard
never brag about
being “busy”
that’s stupid
busy people are missing the point
dont be stupid

be messy
but clean the mess up later
you can be autumn and spring
dead and reborn
you can be a little bit of everything